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Model Boat Club

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Last updated: 04.01.2024


January 2020 (4.5mb)

Autumn 2019 (6mb)

Summer 2019 (22mb)

Winter 2018 (18.6mb)

Winter 2017 (7mb)

Spring 2017 (6mb)



A bit of whittling* (0.9mb)

Severn Trow, Norah - Full article - Tony Judd (3.5mb)

Severn Trow, Norah - Tony Judd (0.4mb)

River Seven Grain Barge, Tirley* (1mb)

Yorkshire Coble, Ravenscar* (1.2mb)

Llwyngwair, Model Yacht* (1.2mb)

West Cornish Lugger, Wild Violet* (3.7mb)

River Tiefi Coracle* (1mb)

The Plymouth* (3mb)

Interceptor Hydroplane* (1.3mb)

Oselvar Faering* (1mb)

Viking Knarr* (3.5mb)

Parisal Boat* (1mb)

Emily Rose* (1.4mb)

The Common or Garden Plank* (0.1mb)

Within Reason* (0.1mb)

Boat Repairs* (0.6mb)

Club 500 Overview (0.05mb)

Steam Boiler Testing at Knightcote (0.8mb)

2023 Plank Race Results (0.8mb)


* Nigel Dale 2023

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