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WYTHALL RADIO RALLY - Sunday 25th March
I've always believed that 'Model Boats' is a Very Broad Church, and I know that many DSMBC members enjoy a bit of a tinker with electronic stuff, so I thought I'd give this event a plug.  I go most years and always enjoy it, although sadly I won't be able to go on Sunday, so why don't you go and enjoy it for me?
Venue is
Wythall House, Silver Street, Wythall, Birmingham, B47 6LZ.  Times are 10.00 to 15.00 and entry is 4.50.  There's a website at http://www.wythallradioclub.co.uk/hamfest/
Take a look; I guarantee you a good day out!


  For many months now the DSMBC artistic cognoscenti  have been locked away in a darkened room designing a new logo to be used on future club togs.  Here's the result. 
If you would like a polo shirt, tee-shirt, fleece or whatever adorned with this logo there's a very specific process for obtaining it.  Firstly you have to present yourself in person at the supplier's premises: Focal Image, 45-47A Broad Street, Bromsgrove B61 8LL, and show your DSMBC membership badge.  You can then choose and pay for whatever garment(s) you want. They will take a few days to make, then you can either collect them yourself or let Trevor Coveney (trevorcamping72(at)gmail.com or 01527 876870) know and he will collect them for you. Available garments can be browsed on Focal's website
http://www.focalimage.co.uk    Please note that Focal will embroider logos only on garments they have provided.

LAKESIDE - Sunday 1st April
Sunday 1st April will be the first Sunday of the month (in case you hadn't noticed:-) and normally we would be sailing at Lakeside.  However, that day is also Easter Sunday and the general consensus of the regular Lakeside 'gang' is that they'll be doing other things that day.  So sailing on Sunday 1st April will be at County Hall. The Lakeside site will be closed.

St. RICHARDS CANAL FESTIVAL   Friday 4th to Monday 7th May
The organisers of this event (The Worcester, Birmingham and Droitwich Canal Society) have invited us to attend this festival, and we are planning to attend it on one of the days.  Sunday looks favourite at the moment as it's the day most members would be sailing anyway.  We expect to be located at our usual spot adjacent to the lock in Vines Park. I will confirm the day and exact place as soon as possible.  Meanwhile take a look at the event's website at http://www.strichardsfestival.co.uk   It will be a lot of fun, and as we are the Droitwich Spa Model Boat Club we should be keen to support it, don't you think?

Ex-member Nigel Dale has a couple of boats for sale:
A Brixham trawler - this has now been sold - and
'Emily' - a fishing boat - click here for details [the 'Emily' page doesn't include a price; he's asking 200]
'Emily' is with Alan Gregory (alangregory601947(at)gmail.com) so if you're interested please contact him to arrange to view it.

In order to do our bit to prevent the possible transfer of blue-green algae from one site to another, please disinfect your boat hulls before and after you sail.  Antibacterial wipes or spray will do the job, or alternatively a suitably diluted disinfectant solution (e.g. Dettol, or similar) in a pound-shop spray bottle, then wiped dry with kitchen roll would do the job admirably. Please note that this action is a requirement, not a request, so please come prepared!  Disinfection is particularly important now that we are back at County Hall.

CLUB SAFETY RULES (updated December 2017)
The DSMBC Safety Rules have been updated to reflect recent changes and developments.  Please read and familiarise yourself with them.  They can be viewed here


Sailing venues   January, February, March 2018:

7th January

Lakeside*  1000-1200

14th January County Hall  0900-1200
21st January Lakeside  1000-1200
28th January County Hall  0900-1200
4th February Lakeside  1000-1200
11th February County Hall  0900-1200
18th February Lakeside 1000-1200
25th February County Hall  0900-1200 
4th March County Hall 0900-1200
11th March County Hall  0900-1200 
18th March Lakeside  1000-1200
25th March County Hall  0900-1200 (also Wythall Radio Rally - see above)
1st April County Hall  0900-1200   not Lakeside!
* the place we used to know as 'Top Barn' is now called 'Worcester University Lakeside' or
just 'Lakeside' for short, and that's how it will appear in this list from now on.

County Hall is available every Sunday if you'd prefer to sail there rather than at Lakeside.
If you sail at County Hall on these dates it is essential that boat hulls are properly disinfected, just as they would be on a scheduled County Hall date.

 Bodenham Arboretum                                               photo: Trevor Coveney (The 2017 photographic competition winning photo)

  University of Worcester Lakeside Campus                                                                                     photo:  Alan Gregory



Events for 2018

Keep an eye on this section, it will grow as the weeks pass by, and more information will be provided about each event.

Key to entries:
Entries in normal text are standard club meetings.
Entries in green italics are meetings to which we have been invited as guests, but do not have a club stand.
Entries preceded by this red 'club' symbol are meetings at which we have a manned club stand.

Friday 9th March:  Skittles evening

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May:  Beale Park

Saturday 12th May:  Knightcote Lifeboat Day

Sunday 10th June:  Knightcote Open Day

Sunday 8th July:  Knightcote Navy Day

Wednesday 25th July: Bromsgrove Society of Model Engineers
Another chance to 'play trains' with our friends at the B.S.M.E.  Start time is 6.30pm. Refreshments will be available.

Thursday 8th November:  International Model Boat Show Rig Day

Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November:  International Model Boat Show

2018  Committee

Your committee members until November 2018 are:

Chairman - Trevor Coveney
                    (trevorcamping72@gmail.com   Tel: 01527 876870)
Secretary - Graham Povey
                    (graspov@aol.com   Tel: 01905 923514)
Treasurer - Pete Thornton
Events Secretary - Andrea Povey
Newsletter Editor - Rob Oswell
Tony Addison
George Aldridge
Adrian Taylor
Membership Secretary - Jim Cook (co-opted)



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A typical Sunday gathering at County Hall                                                                                         photo: Dave Stratford

Click Here  for a link to Tony Holt's model boating site - one of the best there is!

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