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SAILING VENUE -  Sunday 15th December
Sailing next Sunday, 15th December, will be at Bodenham Arboretum 1000-1200, followed by Christmas lunch for those who have booked it.

My sincere thanks to the 39 members who paid their subs after the AGM on 24th November. 
If you weren't one of those, please pay as soon as possible.  Either Pete Thornton or myself will be at club meetings most Sundays between now and Christmas and will be able to accept payment. 
Subs for 2020 were set at the AGM and are 25 for single members and 38 for joint.  Please bring the correct money. Alternatively you can pay by cheque, made payable to Droitwich Spa Model Boat Club.  Cheques are scanned electronically by the bank, so please write legibly and use the full club name as above, not DSMBC. 
If you can't get to any club meetings between now and Christmas please email Jim Cook at
poundswick(at)hotmail.com for advice.
The absolute deadline for receipt of subs is Tuesday 31st December.  If you fail to meet this deadline your membership will terminate and your place may be offered to someone on the waiting list.

A group of club members led by Pete Thornton and Tony Draper have decided to buy and build
'Club 500' power boats with a view to racing them at Lakeside.  Club 500 boat kits are available relatively cheaply, and they are simple and easy to build from a set of vac-formed plastic parts.  Currently about half-a-dozen members have expressed interest in the project, and they hope others might join them!  You can read all about them here.

Member Roger Atkins braved the rain and strong winds on Saturday 26th October and drove down to Gosport for the final contest of the year in the National Model Laser competition.  Despite having a number of technical problems during the day, he put in a good score and managed to come 7th overall. Congratulations Roger, you're an inspiration to us all!

Young Alan Gregory has been beavering away on the Autumn Newsletter.  You can read it here.
Many thanks to Alan for his efforts, and also to those members who contributed articles.
Collectively I guess we must look like a bunch of ordinary old(ish:-) blokes, but reading the articles reveals just what incredible skills many of our members possess.
I've no doubt that having completed his autumn magnum opus it won't be long before Young Alan is itching to make a start on the Spring 2020 edition - so if you fancy writing something for it, now's the time to get cracking!


Member Alan Gregory isn't just a consummate wordsmith.  He has many other virtues too.  Currently he has some genuine ripstop lightweight parachute silk for sale.

The price is 1 for a piece 6ft x 5ft.
Colours as shown.

Other sizes can be cut 'off the roll' if required.

See Alan poolside if you would like to take advantage of this exceptional offer!

In order to do our bit to prevent the possible transfer of blue-green algae from one site to another, please disinfect your boat hulls before and after you sail at any site.  Antibacterial wipes or spray will do the job, or alternatively a suitably diluted disinfectant solution (e.g. Dettol, or similar) in a pound-shop spray bottle, then wiped dry with kitchen roll would do the job admirably. Please note that this action is a requirement, not a request, so please come prepared! 

General:  see here 
Lakeside:  see
County Hall:  see here

Sailing venues  -  December, January, February and March:

15th December Bodenham Arboretum (and Christmas lunch)    Sailing 1000-1200
22nd December County Hall  0900-1200
29th December County Hall  0900-1200
5th January County Hall  0900-1200
12th January County Hall  0900-1200
19th January County Hall  0900-1200
26th January County Hall  0900-1200
2nd February County Hall  0900-1200
9th February County Hall  0900-1200
16th February County Hall  0900-1200
23rd February County Hall  0900-1200
1st March Lakeside  1000-1200
8th March County Hall  0900-1200
15th March Lakeside  1000-1200
22nd March County Hall  0900-1200
29th March County Hall  0900-1200

 Bodenham Arboretum                                               photo: Trevor Coveney (The 2017 photographic competition winning photo)

  University of Worcester Lakeside Campus                                                                                     photo:  Alan Gregory
This photograph is a still from an 11-minute video, which you can watch by clicking here.



Events for 2020

Keep an eye on this section, it will grow as the weeks pass by, and more information will be provided about each event.

Key to entries:
Entries in normal text are standard club meetings.
Entries in green italics are meetings to which we have been invited as guests, but do not have a club stand.
Entries preceded by this 'club' symbol are meetings at which we have a manned club stand.

Sunday 15th December 2018:  Bodenham Arboretum Christmas Lunch (sailing 1000-1200)

Sunday 26th April:  Plank Race at County Hall
This will be the 2020 Plank Race; there won't be another one in the autumn.

Sunday 9th May:  Knightcote RNLI Fund Raising Day

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May:  Model Boat Mayhem, Wickstead Park

Sunday 7th June:  Knightcote Open Day

Sunday 19th July:  Knightcote Navy Day

 Friday 6th November:  Set-up day for International Model Boat Show

 Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November:  International Model Boat Show
Venue:  Warwickshire Event Centre, CV31 1XN.

Sunday 22nd November:  Club A.G.M.
Venue:  T.B.A.


2020  Committee

Your committee members until November 2020 are:

Chairman - Trevor Coveney
                  (trevorcamping72(at)gmail.com   Tel: 01527 876870)
Secretary - Graham Povey
                  (graspov(at)aol.com   Tel: 01905 923514)
Treasurer - Pete Thornton
Events Secretary - Andrea Povey
Membership Secretary - Jim Cook (poundswick(at)hotmail.com)
Newsletter Editor - Rob Oswell
Tony Addison
Tony Draper
Adrian Taylor
Assistant Newsletter Editor - Alan Gregory (co-opted)



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A typical Sunday gathering at County Hall                                                                                         photo: Dave Stratford

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