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Notice Board
A place for notifying members of important matters.

Please note that County Hall pool is currently fenced off due to the presence of blue-green algae bloom (which can be very toxic).  For your own safety DO NOT attempt to sail there until further notice. 
Please watch this site for further information.

County Hall latest update (20th October):
I've spoken to the 'water expert' at Place Partnerships, who manage the CH pools on behalf of the Council.  His view is that the algae can survive only if there's warmth, sunlight and nutrients and that the most effective solution is therefore to let shorter days and lower temperatures do their work.  The fence will help to reduce nutrients by discouraging passers-by from throwing in food for the ducks (seemingly the algae thrives on bread!)  There are chemical treatments that can be used but he reckons these are not very effective and can harm the flora and fauna.  My main question was, of course, 'how long?' and understandably he wouldn't be tied down to anything tighter than 'several weeks at least'.
As a separate issue, there is a problem with the lower pool leaking and work is due to start on 28th November to drain and re-line it. I mention this so that you know what's going on when the work starts.
I will keep in touch with Place Partnerships and post updates here as things develop.

Fast Electrics
Following a proposition by a member at the AGM it was agreed that for a trial period fast electric boats sailing at County Hall will be given two quarter-hour slots, from 1000 to 1015 and from 1100 to 1115, during which they will have priority over other craft.  If you are sailing a yacht or other slow-moving craft it would probably be prudent not to sail during these periods.  At all other times any boat may be sailed but speeds must be kept low.  Fast electric skippers are expected to abide by these times very strictly: don't launch before the start of the slot, and be off the water by the end of it.
At Top Barn there is usually sufficient space for fast and slow craft to occupy different parts of the lake.  Common sense seems to have worked reasonably well so far, so there are no plans to change this arrangement for the time being.

Sailing venues:    October, November, December 2016:
Please note that all County Hall entries in this list are provisional until we know more about the algae situation.

23rd October County Hall
30th October County Hall  (also Bodenham Arboretum - see below)
6th November Top Barn
13th November County Hall  (also International Model Boat Show - see below)
20th November Top Barn
27th November County Hall
4th December Top Barn
11th December County Hall
18th December Top Barn
25th December County Hall
1st January 2017 Top Barn
8th January 2017 County Hall

Top Barn Activity Centre                                                                                                                                  photo: Jim Cook


Events for 2016

Friday 4th March: Skittles evening

Monday 2nd May:  Boat and car Festival at Vines Park, Droitwich.

Saturday 14th May:  Knightcote Model Boat Club Lifeboat day

Saturday 21st May:  Visit to Jotika

Saturday 11th June:  Worcester University

Sunday 12th June:  Knightcote Model Boat Club open day

Sunday 10th July:  Bodenham Arboretum

Sunday 24th July: Bring-and-buy sale

Sunday 14th August:  Gheluvelt Park

Wednesday 31st August: BSME open evening

Sunday 11th September: Droitwich Salt Fest

Sunday 2nd October:  Bodenham Arboretum

Sunday 16th October:  Club A.G.M. at Top Barn

Sunday 30th October:  Bodenham Arboretum
Pam has organised another visit to Bodenham.  There will be no bacon sandwiches and probably no gazebo, just a pleasant venue to sail for the day.  If you decide to go please clean and disinfect your boat beforehand.

Friday 11th - Sunday 13th November:  International Model Boat Show
At the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Leamington Spa. 
Setting-up day is Thursday 10th November.  If you would like your boat to be transported to and from the show please deliver it (preferably in a protective box) to Alan Gregory by Wednesday 9th November.

2016/17  Committee

Your committee members until October 2017 are:

Chairman - Trevor Coveney
                    (trevorcamping72@gmail.com   Tel: 01527 876870)
Secretary - Graham Povey
                    (graspov@aol.com   Tel: 01905 923514)
Treasurer - Keith Blackall
Events Secretary - Andrea Povey
Newsletter Editor - Rob Oswell
Tony Addison
George Aldridge
Adrian Taylor








A typical Sunday gathering at County Hall                                                                                                Photo: Dave Stratford

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