Droitwich Spa
Model Boat Club


              RULES FOR SAILING AT LAKESIDE - 2019

These rules have been set by the University.  It is therefore essential that we follow them:

1.  Always wear your club badge, and display your car sticker when you are on the Lakeside site.  Our agreement with the Lakeside owner requires us to ensure that all our members and their cars are positivley identified as DSMBC visitors.

2.  Anyone launching, sailing or retrieving a boat on any of the pools must wear a lifejacket.
Many members have their own, and they are available from outdoor shops or the internet at reasonable prices.  Alternatively you can borrow one from the store behind the main building.  Make a mental note where you have taken it from and be sure to return it to exactly the same place.  If the store is locked, find a member of staff.

3.  Car parking at Lakeside should, as far as possible, be on hardcore areas.
If the hardcore area at the small pool is full, park on the grass as close as possible to it.

4.  Do not drive to any other point on the edge of any pool.

5.  Whichever pool you sail on, there must be at least one other person with you who can offer or summon help if you get into difficulty.